Best Custom Photo Puzzles - What Makes a Good Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking for the best custom photo puzzle as a gift? You can go wrong in multiple ways if you ignore a few important things before buying them.

In this article, I will discuss about what factors can make a jigsaw puzzle the best gift for any occasion.

How to Choose the Correct Photo for Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Although you’re free to use any photo as a custom, there are certain limitations to follow if you have to create a high-quality puzzle image.

Quality - SInce most jigsaw puzzle companies ask photos to be printed in a digital format, good quality images can be taken from a digital camera. Keep the resolution high so that the quality of the photo remains high. Low-resolution images will look ugly and blurred on a large puzzle picture. Generally, puzzle makers give a minimum resolution and file size limit that you need to follow at the time of submission.

Area of Interest - If you’re gifting the puzzle to someone else, make sure that it matches the person's taste. Sometimes, we are too excited about buying things that we love, but we forget about others' interests and likings. Buy a puzzle that makes an impact on the receiver at first sight.

Occasion - It would sound awkward if you gift a Christmas tree photo jigsaw puzzle on someone’s birthday, wouldn’t it? You will have millions of options for the best custom photo puzzle out of which you need to choose the most suitable one wisely.

What to Look for in Best Custom Photo Puzzles

Here are a few factors that you might want to see in the best custom photo puzzle.

Printing Quality

Not every printing facility is worth trying -- Each will cost you a few bucks. Research thoroughly bout the printing methods used by the company. If they are using a cheap quality inkjet printer, the printed picture will fade away in a few days because of your finger’s moisture. Make sure the colors and the texture look good when printed.

Quality of the Cardboard

Cardboards for the custom jigsaw puzzles are chipboards that come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. If your vendor uses cheap quality cardboard, the puzzle will end up being floppy and easy to rupture. The cardboard's adequate thickness makes it rigid and hard enough not to be affected by the moisture content.

Jigsaw Puzzle Adhesive Quality

Adhesives can make or break the puzzle. Best custom photo puzzles use good quality adhesive that isn’t everyday paper glue.

The adhesive must not be toxic for kids’ puzzles.

Puzzle Cutting

This is the factor by which most puzzles are judged for their quality. Bad quality cutting can quickly frustrate someone who spent a fair amount of money and expecting good quality in return. High-quality puzzle cutting dies are expensive, and most vendors avoid buying them due to cost-saving. Make sure that your manufacturer isn’t one of them.

Are you ready to build your next best custom photo puzzle?