Custom Made Jigsaw Puzzles That Are Easy to Make

Want to make a custom made jigsaw puzzle to gift someone? It will be a grinding effort to create your first jigsaw puzzle.

This article will guide you about what custom made puzzles are not so difficult and what method you should use to make them.

Clip Arts

Let’s start with the most basic one - Clip arts are the simplest structures that are used to communicate elementary ideas.

You can make jigsaw puzzles with clip arts that aren’t complicated. They are easy to make and require bare effort that even kids can perform this activity.

custom jigsaw puzzle easy to make


Shapes are the first thing that kids get familiar with in their academics as they are easy to remember. Luckily, they are also easy to convert in the form of jigsaw puzzles.

Custom-made jigsaw puzzles can quickly be made using shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, diamonds, etc.


Sceneries attract people at first sight. Although sceneries are relatively hard to make, it’s included in the list just to give you an idea that uncomplicated sceneries exist too.

All you need is a sun, some mountains, and a beautiful ocean and you’re all set to make your very first custom-made jigsaw puzzle!


Since quotes are in text form, converting them into jigsaw puzzles won’t be that hard.

When solving a quotes puzzle, you’ll be motivated both by the quote and the puzzle itself! It’s always the tiny pieces that make the bigger picture ;)


Repeated patterns look aesthetic and can be one of the choices for custom-made jigsaw puzzles.

However, if you’re making your very first puzzle, it’s not recommended to start with it because of the overwhelming designs and structures.

Basic Maths

This is so much fun, indeed! Solving basic math equations is easy, right? Why not make it a bit harder and convert it into puzzles?

The longer you make a math equation, the more time it will take to solve the puzzle -- Choose wisely!


Flowers are one of the most colorful and natural things. This reason makes them an ideal choice of images for kids’ puzzles.

Flower custom-made jigsaw puzzles will help your kids learn the flower names such as morning glory, tulip, rose, daisy, daffodils, and more.


If you’re a science and physics geek, this puzzle type is for you. Although you can’t go to space, you can play with the celestial objects that are wandering in space lonely.

Create beautiful nebulas, black holes, planets, and convert them into solvable jigsaw puzzles.


Fruits are an ideal choice for creating custom-made jigsaw puzzles as each of them has a distinctive color and shape.

While your kid is solving a particular fruit puzzle, offer him or her the same fruit to stimulate the learning process.


Alphabet puzzles are one of the easiest to make - You can start your puzzle-solving career with them!

You can even make a collection of every alphabet and brag about it.


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