Difficult Times Require Us to Come Together

The Coronavirus (COVID 19) global pandemic has created a huge disruption for billions of people all over the world.  

As a global company that sells to customers in over 180 countries we of course also feel the effects as our supply chains are disrupted, social events are canceled, and people worry about their financial futures.  

We are committed to keeping our staff of dozens of remote employees, production workers, and shipment specialists on our payroll as long as we can while we see how the future unfolds.  All staff that can work from home has been instructed to work from home and any additional staff can request unlimited sick days without penalty.   Above all else we put the health of our friends, families, and general public first.  

In addition to our own staff and our customers, we are deeply concerned about the disruption of life affecting billions of people that are less fortunate than us.  

Without raising prices, we here at Qstomize.com have decided to donate 10% of all proceeds to the American Red Cross.  The money is directly transferred to this prestigious non profit organization through our partnership with DailyKarma.  

Once you place an order you will receive a tax-refundable receipt (for US customers) delivered straight to your e-mail along with a Thank You from the American Red Cross foundation.

Stay safe, stay strong.

-Qstomize.com team

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