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How Qstomize is Handling COVID19

by Qstomize .com on April 23, 2020  in coronacovid19


Across our 3 fulfillment centers in the United States (NC, WI, CA) we are valuing our employees’ health and protection above all else.  Thanks to donations from local organizations we have ample KN95 face masks, plastic gloves, hand sanitizers, and other PPE for all staff.  All employees must keep 2 yards distance from each other at all times.  Employees that show symptoms to COVID19 or have close family members diagnosed with the disease are guaranteed 2 weeks sick leave.  Fortunately we have not had a single positive case but have contingency plans in case such an event occurs.  

Production time on most products is between 5-9 business days.  Shipping time is on average 8-15 business days for most orders in the United States and Canada and 12-24 business days for international orders.  Please be patient with your order status.  We promise your order is on the way and will be delivered within the estimated delivery date as seen in your e-mail receipt.  

Delivery is slower than usual across the entire United States and for most of the world during these highly unusual times so we ask our customers to accept slightly longer delivery time than usual.  We ship all orders vis DHL eCommerce or USPS for fastest delivery and are doing everything we can to to ensure speedy delivery without compromising on health.  

Above all else, we wish our employees, their families, and to all our customers around the world good health during these difficult times.  

Stay Safe,

Qstomize.com team