As companies compete for top talent in todays job market where the employees yield more control than before, top companies are seeking ways to attract and retain employees with various means.  These ways can include big salaries, fancy perks, swanky offices, flexible work schedules, and also company swag.


To preface, we do not believe employee gifts is the sole reason someone would join (or not join) a company but over time it can create stronger morale and employer loyalty.  This goes back to our primal instincts of being in a tribe.  If employees are using their company gear this will reflect to current employees that to fit in the “tribe” they should also be seen wearing the company gear.  It can also show those on the outside that the employees are proud and loyal to work for this company and can pique their interest.


Buying the right gifts for employees can yield incredibly results for the company’s long run.  So here is Qstomize’s gift to buying the best gifts for employees.


A Good Corporate Gift Must Be Useful


If a corporate gift looks amazing but will just gather dust in a drawer somewhere, than the gifts good looks did not do anyone any favors. 


Employees need to use the gifts that will they want to use on a regular basis and may even be so good it will replace their non-branded item.  If the custom bottle the employee receives is better than the one they already use than it was a successful decision! 


A Good Corporate Gift Must Be Useful, to EVERYONE


It’s no good to buy a corporate gift that not just the majority of employees will use.  We want a gift that 100%, or as close to 100%, of employees will be happy to receive.  What good is a car air freshener if most employees do not have cars? 



A Good Corporate Gift Must Be Visual


Ideally we want to create a product that will be recognizable and attributed to the brand name so anyone that is walking by would easily know that the product is associated to the company. 


For example, company X purchased high quality backpacks for their employees with the company logo very bold on the backpack.  Maybe these employees use these backpacks while commuting on public transportation which can easily grab attention of other commuters.  Or they even use this backpack as an everyday backpack when they’re out. 



So, Which Gifts Tick Off All These Boxes?


There are many possible factors besides visuals and utility going into the gift buying decision but in our opinion these 3 are the most important. 


Factors such as looking for unique gift items, prices, and industry specific items are dependent on a company-by-company basis.  Qstomize has a dedicated business support team to help brainstorm and source a very wide selection of varieties for businesses in just about every size.


  • Custom Blankets Everybody loves a good blanket. Doesn’t matter their age, wealth, or any other factor – if they’re breathing, they like a good blanket.  Blankets can be used as throwaways for the couch. 
  • Custom Hats – Hats are needed for any climate. For colder climates, beanie hats are recommended to keep the ears and top of head warm.  For warmer climates, baseball hats and floppy beach hats can be used to block out the sun.  Not everybody has a good hat, but everybody NEEDS a good hat. 
  • Custom Water Bottles – Studies have shown water bottles can help boost performance. A well hydrated person  performs better than one that may be parched and not functioning at full capacity.  Additionally, if a person does not have a water bottle on them than they are more likely to frequently get up and lose momentum of their work.
  • Custom Sunglasses – Who doesn’t need an extra pair of sunglasses? Sunglasses are one of the few things one can never have enough of as they are easy to lose but are always needed on a bright day. 
  • Custom Apparel – Shirts, hoodies, tops, and pants will always be popular as an employee gift. Use Qstomize to make unique custom apparel.





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