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People have been decorating their homes with tapestry for thousands of years. But in the past, selections were limited to what other designers and manufacturers thought were fit to print and sell. That’s no longer the case.

It’s never been easier to design your own custom tapestry and decorate the rooms in your house with them. This article will tell you how to do that with Qstomize’s straightforward custom wall tapestry designer.

Let’s get started.

How to Decorate a Room With Custom Tapestry

1. Take an inventory of the current colors in the room

Before you jump into designing your custom tapestry, it’s important to assess what’s going to fit with the other items that you have in a room. Color plays a really big role in this.

For example, maybe you want to add a custom tapestry to your living, and you already have a light blue couch in it that you love. If so, it would be best for your tapestry to use muted colors and pastel shades. Things like lavender, cream, and mossy greens will help the room come together instead of making it feel disjointed.

Or maybe you’ve got a piece of jet-black furniture in one of your rooms that you really love. In that case, grey, tan, and white tapestries would help to enhance it.

If you’re designing a room from scratch, then this step is less important. In that case, you can build around your custom tapestry no matter what design you want it to feature.

2. Decide whether your tapestry will be a centerpiece or an accessory

Next up is determining how you want the tapestry to fit into your room. Is it going to be the focal point that draws the eye's attention first? Or is it going to be an accessory that compliments the other objects that you already have in the room?

This is worth thinking about because it could influence the type of designs that will work best for your custom tapestry.

For example, if a tapestry is the room's centerpiece, you can get really creative and use bold images on it without contrasting with the other parts of the room. 

But a tapestry with a large, attention-grabbing image on it may not fit if you just want to use it to accessorize. Because it may distract from what you really want the room's centerpiece to be.

3. Pick something you’ll love looking at

It’s also super important to make sure you choose a design that you’ll love to look at each and every day. Custom tapestry can bring a room to life. But once the novelty fades away, you won’t want to continue staring at an image that feels overwhelming to the senses.

That being said, it’s also up to you how you want to use a custom tapestry. Maybe you’re only looking for something to hang up in your room every once in a while and you don’t plan on leaving it up forever. In that case, feel free to go big and go bold.

4. Bring your idea to life with Qstomize

Once you’ve thought about each of the previous three steps, you’re ready to begin creating your very own custom tapestry. The easiest way to do that is by visiting Qstomize and using our custom tapestry creator.

For as little as $24.95, you can create a custom wall tapestry with any photo you want. We also give you a ton of options to customize the tapestry and the photo so that it truly captures your vision.

For example, you can choose between each of the following sizes:

  • 26” x 36”
  • 51” x 60”
  • 68” x 80”
  • 88” x 104”

That means we can create a custom tapestry that will fit your room no matter how large it is. We’ll also give you the option to choose between a vertical or horizontal alignment to make sure that your picture looks exactly as you intended.

All of our custom tapestries are made with 100% lightweight polyester. They feature hand-sewn edges that are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

Qstomize makes it easier to decorate your home with custom tapestry

Are you ready to build your custom tapestry? If so, Qstomize is here to help you do it. Simply visit our web page to get started with the design process.

Our straightforward tool makes it really easy to bring your design to life – whatever that means to you. The best part is that you don’t even have to use your tapestry as wall decoration. Some of our most creative customers have used them as beach towels, picnic blankets, table cloths, and even yoga mats.

So why wait? Check out our custom tapestry designer today to get started. Our support team is standing by to help if you need it.

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