10 Inexpensive Gifts That Will Leave an Impression (2022 Edition)

Everybody loves a great gift whether they are a friend, family, acquaintance, colleague, or even a pet.  Who doesn’t love a great gift?
A memorable gift also does not need to be expensive to accomplish the goal of showing the gift recipient they are appreciated and loved.
It is even true to say that sometimes less is more – a gift that has shown sincere thought is better than a gift with a high price tag.
And if the recipient values the price tag more than the thought, maybe they aren’t the best person to give a gift to…
Here are Qstomize’s top inexpensive gifts for 2022:
1.  Air freshener – With multiple shapes and scents to choose from, our custom air freshener can be made unique just for you.  We allow 2 different images to be designed on either side.  That is 2x the opportunities to be remembered.
2.  Phone case – These days, who doesn’t have a fancy smartphone?  Shop from our large collection of iPhone and Galaxy cases to be remembered every time the recipient uses their phone
3.  Phone grip – People are constantly on their phones, so prevent drops and falls with the Clickit Phone Grip.  Attaches to the back of a phone case with safe material and can be held at any angle in any environment.
4.  Fanny pack – The 90s are back?  Carry your belongings without taking up pocket space.  If you’re feeling really adventurous we have even have reversible sequin fanny packs.
5.  Airpod Case – Qstomize has one of the largest personalized Airpods case collections anywhere on the Internet.  And most likely, the person you know has a pair.  Shop for all Airpods models at various price points. 
6.  Custom hat – Our large custom hat collection features embroidered hats that can be made with embroidered threaded names that will never wear off.  No 2 hats are ever alike.  Large bulk discounts for the whole squad!
7.  Magic mug – Coffee mugs are cool, but what about magic mugs?  These look like and act like regular coffee mugs but just by adding heat the secret image is revealed!
8.  Name water bottle – A good water bottle is an essential office piece.  Personalize the bottle with any name and hydrate your friend for years.
9.  Jewelry – Our custom jewelry collection is varied and affordable.  We have jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, and more.  All for under $20.  Comes in a nice gift box.  
10.  Teddy Bear – Few gifts are as classic as a custom teddy bear. Our teddy bear is big but not too big, small but not too small, and features the ability to customize the shirt with any image.  Great for the office, living room, or bedroom.

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