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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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Custom Wall Tapestry 26" x 36"
Custom Photo Wall Tapestry
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Custom Woven Wall Tapestry
Custom Photo Woven Tapestry
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Custom Wood Topped Tapestry 36"x26"
Wood Topped Wall Tapestry
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Custom Tapestries

The Custom Tapestries Collection: A Canvas for Every Story

In the heart of every home lies a story, a memory, a feeling that defines its essence. And what better way to narrate this tale than with a tapestry that speaks volumes? Welcome to's exclusive Custom Tapestries Collection. Here, we believe in turning ordinary walls into memoirs, fusing art with emotion, and making every corner of your home echo with personality.

Why Choose Custom Tapestries?

Tapestries have been a cherished art form for centuries. From depicting legendary battles to illustrating pastoral scenes, they have been both a medium of storytelling and a symbol of sophistication. In the modern age, the custom tapestry has evolved to represent individual stories, personal milestones, and unique tastes. They're not just pieces of fabric; they're canvases that celebrate individuality.

A custom tapestry for wall can transform a mundane space into a reflection of your personal journey. Whether it's a cherished photograph, an inspiring quote, a piece of graphic art, or even a memorable album cover, a tapestry brings it to life in the grandest way possible.

Discover the Trio of Excellence

Our collection comprises three meticulously crafted tapestries, each designed to cater to varied aesthetic sensibilities:

  1. Custom Photo Tapestry: This is where your photos turn into masterpieces. Crafted from durable polyester with hand-sewn finished edges, our custom photo tapestries promise longevity and visual delight. The vivid colors and crisp lines ensure that every detail stands out, making it a perfect tapestry for bedroom walls, living rooms, or even outdoor spaces. With two distinct types - the indoor tapestry with its hemmed edges and vibrant print, and the indoor/outdoor tapestry that comes with brass grommets and is water and mildew resistant - you have options to suit every need. From a small tapestry size of 26" x 36" to a grand 88" x 104", you can choose the perfect size for your space.
  2. Custom Wood-Topped Tapestry: Rustic charm meets contemporary design. The Wood-Topped Wall Tapestry infuses traditional aesthetics with modern creativity. With its vivid colors and distinctive wooden frame, it is more than just a tapestry wall hanging; it's a statement. Available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, this piece effortlessly blends into any decor style. The twine for hanging and the stained wooden frame add a touch of vintage appeal, making it an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their modern homes.
  3. Woven Wall Tapestry: A tribute to the age-old art of weaving, our woven wall tapestries are a blend of tradition and innovation. The tightly woven yarn captures every nuance of photographs or graphic art, presenting it with unparalleled clarity. Crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester, it's not just a tapestry; it's an heirloom. The rod pocket ensures easy hanging while the black backing adds depth to the design.

Custom Tapestry Design Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity

The beauty of custom tapestries lies in their limitless potential. Here are some design inspirations:

  • Memory Lane: Convert your family photos into a large tapestry, creating a wall of memories.
  • Travel Chronicles: Your travel photos can become a tapestry for room, reminding you of adventures past.
  • Artistic Expressions: Whether it's a digital artwork, a painting, or even doodles, they can find a place on your wall as a custom wall tapestry.
  • Inspiring Quotes: Let your walls speak with motivational quotes or verses that resonate with you.
  • Album Art: Celebrate your favorite music by turning album covers into a tapestry for wall.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every thread, every print, and every customer experience. With our intuitive tapestry maker on, creating a custom tapestry is a breeze. Whether you're looking to make your own tapestry, seeking custom tapestry printing, or want a printed tapestry that stands out, we have you covered.

Our promise is not just about delivering a product; it's about delivering an emotion. So, dive into the world of tapestry wall decor with and let your walls tell your story.