Custom flip flops

How it works?

Start from scratch

$19.95 + Free Shipping (see details below)


This summer personalize your own Flip-flops for the hot beach days, for lounging around the house, holiday wear, or affordable giveaways and gifts! 

Our custom made Flip-flops are made from high quality material providing a long lasting and most important, comfortable pair of flops.Choose any custom sizes for adults, for children, for men, women and other :) 

Upload your design onto our Flip-flops, you can do various designs or images on each Flip-flop (both left and right).We use high-end industry printers making sure your printed design stays the same for years to come.     

Why buy from us

  • Great for art, images or text.

  • Upload ONE IMAGE: Single image print on left and right

  • Upload TWO IMAGES: One image print on left and another image print on right

  • Express delivery is available. Free for all orders over $250.

  • Classic flip-flops with flexible slip-resistance, smooth and comfortable.

  • Easy to slip on and off, and they dry quickly when they get wet.

  • Wipe or hose clean.

WHY MAKE CUSTOM flip flops?

When thinking of the perfect promotional product or giveaway you generally want to look for the following things:

  • Compact so they are easy to carry

  • Usable so they aren’t just thrown away

  • Memorable so they are kept for a long time

  • Unique so you stand out from the rest

  • Affordable so you can make sure you can make a large quantity order without breaking the bank.

Custom Flip-Flops fit all these descriptions because they are truly one of the best custom promotional products in demand. 

The feedback on our custom Flip-Flops has been great from our thousands of satisfied customers which include individuals, businesses, non profits, and more. 

We have had a huge variety of companies ordering personalized Flip-Flops from us including Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, musicians, parents, schools, small businesses, and much, much more. 

If you are looking for a custom Flip-Flop for promotional or personal purposes there is no better place to buy than!Every Flip-Flop is made to order to the exact specifications of the client. 

If you need help with the design you may e-mail us at and our professional graphics designers will help you make the custom Flip-Flops to really blow away everyone that sees them!You can make a custom Flip-Flop for as low as $19.95 (with free shipping!) if you want just 1. 

If you order a large amount the prices can go down to as little as $4.95 per unit with all the fees included. 

Visit our pricing page for more information about our detailed pricing structure.