Due to the nature of the product Qstomize does not accept refunds or returns expect for the following cases:

  • The product came significantly defective or unusable 
  • The product is different than the one than the order was placed
  • The package was missing products
  • The package arrived much later than the promised date
  • The product was returned within 30 days of delivery

Qstomize will not issue refunds if:

  • The user submits a low quality picture for their item.  Please send an e-mail to support@qstomize.com with your picture for us to approve before your order.  
  • The order arrives extremely late.  We try our very best to send on time and deliver quickly but delivery services are outside of our control.  Please contact us if you need your item by a certain date and we will check the likelihood of delivering on time. 
  • Order was requested to be cancelled more than 24 hours after order was placed.
  • The user submitted a wrong shipping address when making their purchase.
  • The customer refused to pay customs taxes and the item was sent back.

Relevant cases must e-mail support@qstomize.com within 14 days of delivery and explain their situation.  Refunds are processed 5 days a week, Monday-Friday.  



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