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Great cap, great price, great process

I was looking to get some embroidered caps for a group of us that get together regularly to celebrate the life of a friend who is gone too soon. My first attempts were unsuccessful; minimal orders were to large, as were the prices. THESE are wonderful! They arrived yesterday... wonderfully well made, look like they do online and just great. And they arrived quickly! I highly recommend.

Text is upside down

The case was alright, not that easy to put together and I didn't understand why the joy cons custom image wasn't printed on the case itself. But the main issue was the carrying case, the words were upside down so it looks weird when you carry it around. I was excited for this to come in and was pretty disappointed when I opened it up and saw that. I got in contact with support for a solution but still no reply from them. Hoping they reply soon or I don't know if I'll continue purchasing items from here or others I've mentioned it to.

Custom Name Bracelet - For Baby, Infants, Kids

Custom Name Bracelet - For Baby, Infants, Kids

I c not so time ca hold car c is not well soda my c pretty

Custom Name Bracelet - For Baby, Infants, Kids

Super pretty like on the photo and sends super fast Thanks

Love it and shipped and received fast

Love it and shipped and received very fast

Free smth but worth…. Beautiful bracelet. Recommend it

Second order, I'm happy again. Thank you :)

Very happy מהרכישה arrived quickly thanks to the seller

Beautiful and worth the money. Love the everything. Also Fast delivery service Beautiful and worth buying. I love it. Can't wait to make more of them

Custom Name Bracelet - For Baby, Infants, Kids

Whaou I love. It should wait 1ou 2 days for he reprenne form.

Gorgeous Superve color thanks in seller!

Very well made highly recommend seller articles and sending

A second bracelet, happy) thank you

حلوووكتيييير وتوصيييل fast and pack جيييييد❤❤حلوووكتيييير وتوصيييل fast and pack جيييييد❤❤