Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you've surely seen, played with, or even owned some reversible sequin products.  Reversible sequin is a special form of sequin fabric that is double-sided and allows two images, or an image and a single solid color, to switch between each other by simply brushing fingers up and down the sequin.  This makes for a super visual experience that is eye-popping as well as fascinating.  It is easy to do, safe for all ages, and totally addicting.  

As well as being super visual, reversible sequin products are incredibly fun to play with and touch.  They feel good in the hands and make playing with sequin a simple but sensory experience.  No matter the age, background, race, or creed - everyone loves playing with reversible sequin!

The possibilities of double sided sequin are endless.  Here are a few unique custom double reversible sequin ideas possible for your company:

  • Decorative sequin pillows to attract people to your booth (they won't be able to resist!)
  • Double sided reversible pillows to show 2 messages back and forth (the possibilities are endless)
  • Sequin bags with your logo for your prospective clients to carry around the conference and show off your company's swag for you
  • Sequin wristbands to be the ultimate product parents must bring back home to their kids (and they're very affordable, too)
  • Sequin purses and cases with various goodies inside.  Perfect for companies with small products like cosmetic companies.  
  • Sequin t-shirts to have your company representatives stand out from the rest with the flashiest, coolest t-shirts in the whole conference (while still being surprisingly lo-tech).  

 Is sequin the best promotional item for 2019?

What would the perfect promotional item be?  Have you ever thought what separates good promotional product ideas from bad ones?  

In our humble opinion, the perfect promotional item should:

  • Be eye-popping and catches attention - makes your brand shine
  • Fun to touch and play with - nobody wants their promo product thrown in the junk drawer (or worse, in the trash!)
  • Unique and one-of-a-kind so people remember the brand and image
  • Affordable and portable so you can buy in bulk, transport easily, and make sure every prospective client gets their hand on unique sequin swag.  

Unique custom sequin products from Qstomize check all these boxes and much more.  

Qstomize uses state-of-the-art UV and sublimation technology to make sure every image is perfectly printed on every piece of high-quality sequin to make beautiful products that the other companies at the conference will just not be ready for!

Thousands of top companies have used custom reversible sequin products to stand out at conferences and make their brand shine.  For more information about custom sequin products please contact business@qstomize.com for more information.  

Qstomize's Custom Reversible Sequin 2019 Line-up

Sequin pillows

The perfect way to grab attention to your booth!  16"x16" sequin pillows are perfect in size to be super visible but also not occupying too much valuable real estate.  

Sequin notebooks

Paper to write with is one of those items most people forget to bring with them at conferences.  Custom sequin notebooks with your logo will catch attention and bring relief to anxious event goers.  

Sequin wristbands

Affordable, portable, and super eye-catching.  Wear them around your wrist or give them to your prospective clients to show off.  

Sequin bags

At promotional events and conferences every attendant needs a bag to carry the flyers, business cards, and swag they pick up.  Custom sequin bags (sequin tote bags or sequin drawstring bags) with your logo can attract attention to your brand like a giant flashing billboard.  The bags will be impossible not to notice and will ensure people flock to your booth to check out the amazing sequin swag.

Sequin T-shirts

Every booth has company representatives wearing branded t-shirts.  But only your brand will have representatives with double reversible sequin t-shirts.  The shirts can show your logo on one side and any image you want on the reverse side.  Or if you wish, a solid sequin color of your choice including black, red, gold, silver, and more.  People will be begging to touch your shirts!

Sequin purses and cases

Packs small, plays big.  Affordable, lightweight, custom sequin coin purses and pencil cases will be the hottest promotional item at the conference.  Perfect for storing small items.  Big enough to catch attention and be a must-have item.  



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