Grip Rings Custom Phone Grips

The item everyone with a smart phone NEEDS to have

GripRings™ custom phone grips by make keeping your phone secure stylish and fun.

Use any image to print on the custom phone grip.  Perfect as a gift, giveaway, or promotional item.

Buy 2 for $4.95 each.   Pay as low as $2.09 each when buying in bulk.

Available in 3 colors: Piano Black, Bohemian Silver, Luxury Gold




Securely attach to your finger to prevent your phone from dropping.  With your GripRing carry your phone without worrying about drops, slips, cracks, or bumps.  

Magnetic Base

GripRing's are made from metallic Zinc Alloy.  Attaches instantly to any magnetic base.  No extra grips required!

KickStand Support

Slide out the GripRing to turn it into a mobile video monitor.  Watch video on the go.  Works on any flat surface.


The best promotional item ever!

"We gave away our branded phone grips at an industry event and we could not believe the response from our customers.  People were asking for 3 or 4 to give to their friends and children.  At our next event 3 months later, many of our customers were STILL using their GripRing's and asked us if we had any more!  In terms of price, utility, and portability, there is no better promo item (in our opinion) than GripRing's!"

It saved my wife's phone!

"My wife is infamous in our circle of friends for always dropping and cracking her phone.  Her brand new iPhone X shattered in less than 24 hours from purchasing and she was crushed, but unfortunately this was the 3rd phone in one year that was totally lost!

I got her a custom GripRing (with our kids faces printed on) as a throwaway gift for Valentine's Day along with expensive jewelry, but it turns out she loved the GripRing more than the diamonds!"


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