3-Pack Mask Extender Hooks

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We will feel uncomfortable in the ears when wearing the mask for long time due to the tight elastic strap. This mask extension buckle helps to reduce the pain and pressure in the ears by adjusting and extending the ear loop cord for most comfortable fit.

  • Protect the Ears : Long time of wearing masks will cause discomfort on your ears due to the tight elastic cord on the m ask. All the problems will be solve by using this m ask extension buckle.
  • Adjustable Slots for : The hooks have 4 slots, you can adjust the length of the hooks basic on your requirement.
  • Compatibility: Fit most of the ear-mounted masks on the market. You can change the buckle in seconds and reduce the pressure and ear fatigue on the ears.
  • Washable and Durable: This ear hook is made of durable PP flexible material that can be repeatedly washed without worrying about damage and degradation.

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