Canvas Print - Rectangular (Large)

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Size: 24"x32"
Alignment: Vertical
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Prepare to be dazzled by the vibrant hues and sharp details that come to life on our Custom Canvas Print - Rectangular (Large). A feast for the eyes, this canvas print is no ordinary wall décor; it's a splash of creativity that tells your story in the most visually captivating way possible.

Available in three generously sized formats - 16×20, 20×24, 24×32 - there's a custom canvas print to fit every wall and personality. Tailor-made to your taste, it's the perfect piece to personalize your space, be it your cozy living room, your efficient home office, or even your serene bedroom.

Our canvas print boasts a pigment-based inkjet printing technique, ensuring every color, shade, and line is delivered with precise accuracy and consistency. The high-quality canvas, free from optical brightening agents (OBA), promises longevity and resists fading, letting your memories shine bright for years to come.

Does your home décor have a sagging problem? Well, no more! With solid-front construction, our custom canvas print ensures no sagging or stretching, even after years of display. The taut corners and perfect edging add an extra touch of elegance, reflecting professional craftsmanship.

But the best part? It's ready to hang right out of the box, with a finished back and hardware included. No fuss, no muss - just pure artistry gracing your walls in minutes.

The Custom Canvas Print - Rectangular (Large) is a splendid choice for every art enthusiast, homeowner, and gift-giver. It's a unique way to showcase a beloved family portrait, a cherished moment, or a stunning landscape. This makes it an exceptional gift for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, or just a random Tuesday surprise for someone you adore.

So, are you ready to add a vibrant stroke of charm to your walls with our custom canvas print? Because your home deserves a touch of art that is as unique as you are!


  • A visually captivating piece that tells your story in style.
  • Pigment-based inkjet printing ensures precise color accuracy and consistency on high-quality canvas, resistant to fading and free from optical brightening agents (OBA).
  • Solid-front construction prevents sagging, while taut corners and perfect edging reflect professional craftsmanship.

Size Variants:

  • 16×20
  • 20×24
  • 24×32


  • Vertical 
  • Horizontal

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