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Redefine your living space with our canvas tiles - a contemporary and convenient solution to personalizing your walls. These tiles are the perfect match for art enthusiasts, DIY decorators, or anyone who wants to add a touch of personality to their home or office. Whether you want to display a family photo, an inspiring quote, or a beautiful landscape, these tiles can transform any ordinary wall into a gallery of your favorite moments.

Made of durable polyester canvas, our tiles offer high-quality inkjet digital printing that is UV/fade resistant, promising vibrant colors that stand the test of time. Each tile, whether 5''x7'' or 8''x8'', boasts a 100% recycled paper backing with a glossy finish and solid hardwood fiberboard construction, ensuring longevity.

The best part? Setting up these canvas tiles for wall is a breeze. Thanks to the included double-sided tape strip, you can easily install and reposition the tiles, making wall decorating fun, not a chore.

And if you're looking to further express your unique style, consider our Canvas Print - Panoramic and Custom Canvas Print - Square. Together with our canvas tiles, these products allow you to tell your story on your walls, one print at a time.


  • Durable polyester canvas composition with a glossy finish
  • Available in 5'' x 7'' and 8'' x 8'' sizes
  • Solid hardwood fiberboard construction with a 100% recycled paper backing
  • Enclosed back and ready to hang with included double-sided tape strip
  • Lightweight and UV/fade resistant with OBA-free printing
  • Full wrap image placement with inkjet digital printing
  • 0.5'' thickness and 0.15 lb - 5x7, 0.34 lb - 6x8 weight

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