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Strut your stylish sensibilities across our Custom Chenille Rug! It's not just a rug; it's a work of art that you create.

Crafted to provide a luxuriously soft underfoot feel, our Chenille Rug transforms any room into a comfort haven. The rug measures 5'x3' or 7'x5' with 3" hemmed edges, giving it a polished, finished look. Made from woven polyester chenille, it features a soft surface that's easy on your feet and a pleasure to touch.

And what about slipping and sliding, you ask? With the optional non-slip skid mat, your rug stays put right where you want it.

But here’s where the fun begins – this isn't just any chenille area rug. It's YOUR chenille area rug. Jazz up your living room with an all-over print of your favorite artwork, or add a personalized touch to your child's bedroom with their favorite characters or motifs. The dye sublimation printing process ensures your chosen design comes out looking vibrant and sharp.

So, whether it's to complement your eclectic living room, bring some warmth to your home office, or as a soft play mat for your toddler's room, this chenille rug is set to add a splash of personality to your living spaces!

This rug is not all we got! We have other options for you to choose from. Pay a visit to our outdoor and indoor rugs to make sure your rooms and patios are stylish than ever!


  • Printed with dye sublimation, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors that won't fade over time
  • Made from soft woven chenille fabric, this rug provides a luxurious feel underfoot
  • 3" hemmed edges and 2.5" fringe, giving it a high-quality and finished appearance
  • Optional non-slip skid mat

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