Sequin Breathable Reusable Face Mask

  • Sequin face mask that can be personalized
  • Upload the image
  • Flip up or down on the sequin to change between the sequin and image
  • Available in red or silver sequin colors



If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this is the perfect custom sequin face mask for you. It is specially designed to boost your personality level and charm in your life.

The flashiest face mask you’ve ever seen!  Add any image and have the image change when brushing up and down on the sequin.  Reveal surprise faces and messages that no one would expect!

BREATHABLE MASK: The custom sequin face mask is breathable and adjustable. You can wear this mask in different outdoor and indoor activities.

REUSABLE FACE MASK: Protect yourself and your loved ones from dust and fine particles with the help of the sequin face mask. Moreover, this face mask is practical, so you can wear it with ease.

NO WORRIES: The fabric of this custom face mask is lightweight and durable. You can wear the same face mask up to 30 times.

CUSTOM MASK: You can choose to engrave any pic on this mask. Moreover, this mask is a suitable choice for all occasions.


  • The reusable face mask is made with high quality fabric that’s specially designed to block particles, dust
  • This beautiful design custom sequin mask can be washed and reused for the ultimate in convenience
  • The skin-friendly inner layer of the mask doesn’t irritant the sensitive skin and can absorb the moisture from breathing
  • Available in red or silver sequin
  • It will protect you while making you look very stylish and beautiful
  • One size only that fits most adults- 13cm x19cm (5.2in*7.5in)

Weight 0.1 lbs


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