Custom Sequin Tapestry




Please note the following: 

  • Average prodution time 4-6 business days to recieve tracking.  Rush orders average production 2-3 days to receive tracking
  • This is only a tapestry - we do not supply hanging materials if you choose to hang this on a wall

A Qstomize Exclusive! 


If sequin and tapestries had a baby it would like just like this.  Custom reversible sequin tapestries with any image.  Brush with your fingers to change the image from a solid color to any picture you want. 

These can ONLY be found at!  We print in full print from edge to edge.  

Use any image you want on the sequin tapestry!  For example:

  • Your loved ones (family, bf/gf, best friend, etc.)
  • Something funny that will surprise! (the "hand", a funny face, wherever your imagination takes you (NSFW stuff is OK :P ) 
  • A surprise mesasge (gender reveal, marriage proposal, surprise trip to Disney) 
  • Your company or brand logo
  • Your favorite painting or image
  • .....ANYTHING YOU WANT! (that is legal, of course, no copyrighted material)

Print on premium quality sequin - the sequin we've mastered from making millions of sequin products to our customers all over the world!  

Custom Sequin Tapestry Details:

  • Available in these popular colors: silver, gold, red, black, blue 
  • Available in 2 sizes: 100x130cm (40"x51") and 130x150cm(51"x59")
  • Custom sizes can often be accomodated for if 100x130cm and 130x150cm are not the proportions you want.  E-mail us for more details!
  • Prints on 1 side in full print from edge to edge
  • Default changes when swiping from left to right / right to left.  If you prefer up / down for the reveal let us know in the e-mails or comments!
  • Recommended image size: 2000x2000 or higher.  We recommend well lit photos with minimum amount of colors for best effect.   


If you have questions about the quality of your image please e-mail and we will review it.  Expect an answer within 12 hours in most cases.