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Ready, set, pack! Say hello to our Weekender Tote Bag, the ultimate companion for your short escapes. Whether it's a beach trip, a work trip, or a spontaneous night out of town, this oversized tote bag is ready for the adventure!

Featuring all-over print on both sides, this bag is as fashionable as it is functional. It's made from durable spun polyester with an inside lining, ensuring it's tough enough to handle the hustle and bustle of your travels.

Size does matter when it comes to your travel bag, and our Weekender Tote doesn't disappoint. With a generous 24"x13" size, its wide mouth can swallow several articles of clothing and necessities for the weekend, making packing a breeze.

But that's not all! You can choose between a sturdy black woven strap or a cream-colored rope handle. Whatever your style, we've got a handle on it.

Customize your tote bag to reflect your personality, because who said luggage has to be boring? Stand out from the crowd with a bag that's as unique as you are.

Perfect for students, professionals, travelers, beach lovers, or anyone with a passion for style, our custom tote bags are versatile and trendy. They're not just bags—they're a fashion statement!

Made with love and designed with care, our Weekender Tote Bag is more than just a bag—it's your ticket to a stylish, hassle-free getaway. So, why wait? Pack up and step out in style! With our Weekender Tote Bag, you're not just ready for the weekend—you're ready to turn heads!


  • Featuring all-over print on both sides
  • Made from durable material with an inside lining
  • Available in a sturdy black woven strap or a cream-colored rope handle
  • Can be personalized with your chosen picture or text for a clear, long-lasting custom design on both front and back sides.

Size Variants:

  • 24"x13"


  • Spun polyester

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