Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle with Box

  • Custom wooden jigsaw puzzle from real wood
  • From 35 pieces to 1000 pieces
  • Also design the box
  • Prints with sublimation print


Rectangle shape jigsaw puzzle made from wood.  Make your own jigsaw puzzle with any image!.
Makes a great gift, promotional item, or game to play with the family
Every order comes with a custom box with your image.
Know how to reconstruct the puzzle if you get stuck, put the puzzle pieces away when you are done using them.
Wooden jigsaw puzzle is available in the following:
  • 35pcs. 10x15cm with 14x11x3cm box
  • 70pcs 20x15cm with 14x11x3cm box
  • 120pcs 25x20cm with 14x11x3cm box
  • 200 pcsx 28x40cm with 18x13x4cm box
  • 300pcs 28x40cm with 18x13x4cm box
  • 500pcs 52x38cm with 18x22x4cm box
  • 1000 pcs 75x50cm with 22x30x4.5cm box
Weight 0.4 lbs
Puzzle Pieces

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