Double Sided Reversible Sequin Pillow

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Gianna B.

I purchased this gift for my girl for her mother’s death anniversary! When I tell you this brought tears to her eyes! Something so small and simple but yet thee biggest gift she’s ever had! You guys did an amazing job and I wanna thank you again!

Judith M.

I ordered a silver reversible sequined pillow, with a picture on each side of the pillow, for my grand daughter. When she called me, per facetime, I could see that she was very excited about the pillow. The gift was unique and special to her because the two photos were two of her favorites and because she loves reversible sequined shirts, jackets. I also feel the item was very affordable. My son and daughter-in-law tell me that the pillow is well made--and a big hit.

Carla M.

I ordered the pillow for my mom w/ pictures of her parents on it & she loved it !!!

eurika s.

Came out great! Only thing is you have to make sure you don’t have tooo many colors in the picture and if it’s a portrait then it’s better shown.

eurika s.

The product was great! However it is best if the photos do not have too much color and is more lighter colors.

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