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Who needs a magic carpet when you can have our vibrant Boho Beach Cloth? It's your Aladdin's carpet of the modern world – stylish, practical, and ready to transport you to a world of comfort.

Whether you're dreaming of a sun-kissed beach getaway, a charming picnic in the park, or simply some comfy lounging time at home, this chic Boho Cloth is your perfect companion. At a generous 38" x 81", it's big enough to share but so comfy you might not want to!

Crafted from polyester, this outdoor mat boasts hemmed edges, printed and knotted tassels for that ultimate boho-chic look. We've even gone the extra mile with dye sublimation print to make sure that the colors keep their sizzle even after repeated washes.

With its one-side custom print, let your Boho Cloth tell your story – be it a kaleidoscope of colors, a tranquil mandala, or a pop of tropical leaves, it’s not just a beach mat, it’s a statement piece.

Boho-themed space? You can't achieve that without the Floor Pillows with Insert and a custom pennant.

Perfect for the beach bum, the festival goer, the bohemian dreamer, or simply anyone who appreciates the blend of comfort and style, our Boho Beach Cloth is sure to elevate your outdoor fun. So, why wait? Step into your style and get your Boho Beach Cloth today!


  • Versatile and Stylish 
  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric, our Boho Cloth is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The cloth features a single-sided print, allowing you to choose your favorite design or pattern.
  • Finished with hemmed edges, giving it a clean and polished look
  • Wide enough to provide ample coverage

Size Variants:

  • 38″x81″

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