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Unleash a blend of convenience and style in your pet care routine with our Pet Placemats. Catering to the needs of pet parents who seek practicality without compromising on aesthetics, these placemats are an excellent addition to any pet feeding station. They are an ideal solution for furry friends who tend to make a bit of a mess during meal times, be it at home or during travel.

Available in sizes of 10x16" and 12x17", these Pet Placemats ensure an adequate surface area for your pets' food and water bowls. They are constructed with a soft fabric polyester top that offers a moisture-wicking function, reducing the chance of spills reaching your floors.

The placemats come with a natural non-skid rubber backing, providing stability and preventing your pet's bowls from sliding around during meal times. The thickness of the placemat is a comfortable 1/8", offering excellent resistance against wear and tear.

Our Pet Placemats are graced with a white print area, offering a canvas for your customization needs. The dye sublimation print technique used ensures the vibrancy and longevity of your chosen designs or personalized messages. Rounded corners add an additional touch of elegance, making these mats a stylish addition to your home décor.

Maintaining these placemats is easy; simply machine wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle. This straightforward care routine ensures your pet's feeding area remains clean and hygienic, promoting their health and wellness.

Ideal for homes with pets, our Pet Placemats make meal times more enjoyable while protecting your floors. Give your pets the best dining experience with a touch of personalized style. Grab these Pet Placemats and serve your furry friend's favorite meals with a side of love.

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  • Sizing options: 10x16" or 12x17"
  • Product composition: Soft polyester top with non-skid rubber backing
  • Key features: Moisture-wicking polyester top, non-slip mat with a 1/8" thickness, rounded corners, white print area with black rubber backing
  • Image placement available on the front of the mat
  • Care instructions: Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle
  • Print technique: Dye sublimation for vivid, long-lasting prints

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