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Put pen to paper in the most personal way with our Photo Notepad. This delightful writing accessory is the ideal choice for anyone who cherishes customized, meaningful stationery. Students, professionals, writers, or anyone wanting to jot down thoughts, reminders, or to-dos will love this personalized photo notepad.

The 5.5x6'' notepad comprises 50 single-sided tear-away pages, offering plenty of room for all your notes. Each page of the pad is crafted from FSC certified paper, assuring you of a product that meets the highest environmental standards.

Our photo notepad is designed to hold a lasting impression. The image of your choice is applied on the front of each page, repeated across all 50 sheets. This process ensures your favorite design or cherished photo greets you every time you reach for your notepad.

The notepad is bound securely with the top edges glued and supported by a hard cardboard backing, providing a steady surface for your writing. We add a cover sheet to protect your notepad before use, ensuring that your design remains pristine.

Taking care of your photo notepad is simple - just gently brush away any dust with a soft, clean, and dry cloth. Our notepads are printed using Toner Press printing, ensuring a crisp and clear replication of your chosen image.

Our Photo Notepad breathes new life into the everyday task of note-taking, transforming it into an experience that’s as unique as you are. Make each written word a personalized journey!

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  • Size: 5.5x6 inches
  • Composition: FSC certified paper
  • Key Features: 50 single-sided tear away pages, glued top edges, and hard cardboard backing for durability
  • Image Placement: Front of each page with image flow of 1. A cover sheet added to be removed before use.
  • Care Instructions: Use a soft, clean, dry cloth to gently brush any dust.


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