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Material: Spun Polyester
Size: 14"x14"
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Experience the joy of personalized home decor and surround yourself with the warmth of cherished moments with Qstomize Photo Pillows!

Indulge in our premium selection of materials, including spun polyester, poly twill, faux linen, faux suede, and cotton twill. Each material is carefully chosen for its quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Select the one that best complements your decor and adds a touch of elegance to your home.

With an extensive range of sizes and styles available, our custom indoor pillow collections are designed to suit any space in your home. Choose the perfect cover material and pillow size to create a unique masterpiece that reflects your individuality.

Our Custom Indoor Pillows are available in a variety of sizes, catering to different needs and spaces:

  • 14"x14"
  • 16"x16"
  • 18"x18"
  • 20"x 20"
  • 26"x 26"

For your convenience, our Photo Pillows are available for purchase with or without the insert. This flexibility allows you to easily replace the cover or use your existing inserts, tailoring the pillow to your preferences.

Get creative with our innovative design options that allow you to customize one side or both sides of the photo pillow. Whether you want to showcase cherished memories, artistic designs, or a combination of both, the choice is yours.

Choose our Photo Pillows for quality craftsmanship, endless customization possibilities, and prompt delivery. And to ensure you receive your custom pillow in no time, we offer fast shipping from our location in North Carolina, USA.

**Specifically designed for indoor use only. Not suitable for outdoor environments, 


  • Design one side or both sides of the pillow with your favorite photos or artwork
  • Choose from a variety of cover materials, including spun polyester, poly twill, faux linen, faux suede, and cotton twill
  • Option to purchase with or without the insert for your convenience
  • Available sizes: 14"x14", 16"x16", 18"x18", 20"x20", and 26"x26"
  • Fast shipping from our North Carolina, US location
  • For indoor use only Fast shipping from our North Carolina, US location

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