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The Plastic Transparent Water Bottle is a versatile and eco-friendly choice for staying hydrated on the go. Made from biodegradable tritan material, this bottle offers a sustainable solution without compromising on durability. The grey spill-resistant lid and clear mouthpiece provide a secure and convenient drinking experience, ensuring that your beverages stay contained and accessible.

With two available sizes, you can choose the one that suits your hydration needs. Whether you prefer a compact 16 oz or a larger 32 oz capacity, this water bottle has you covered. The size options allow for easy portability while still providing ample liquid storage.

Qstomize offers the option to customize it to perfection. Whether you want to add your name, logo, or design that represents your style -- the possibilities are endless. 

The Plastic Transparent Water Bottle is BPA-free, ensuring you enjoy your beverages without harmful chemicals. The vibrant colors further enhance its appeal, adding a pop of brightness to your day.

Convenience is key to this water bottle's design. The spill-resistant, screw-on lid provides a secure seal, preventing leaks and spills, while the foldable straw adds an extra layer of ease. With the foldable straw, sip your favorite beverages without having to unscrew the lid every time for on-the-go hydration.

The clear water bottle design helps you easily monitor your water intake and ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Its durability ensures it can withstand everyday use.

If you're looking for a practical and sustainable water bottle that offers personalization options, durability, and convenience, the Plastic Transparent Water Bottle is the perfect choice. Stay hydrated in style and explore our range of drinkware options for all your hydration needs.

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  • Biodegradable tritan material for an eco-friendly choice
  • Clear mouthpiece for secure and convenient drinking
  • Screw-on lid with a foldable straw for easy sipping on the go
  • BPA-free construction for safe and chemical-free drinking
  • Vibrant colors to add a pop of brightness to your day
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Available in two sizes for personalized hydration options

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