Samsung Galaxy Tough Case

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Phone Model: S10
Print Finish: Glosse
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Protect your Samsung Galaxy phone in style with the Samsung Galaxy Tough Case, the ultimate protective solution and a must-have accessory for your Galaxy family phone.

The durable polycarbonate construction offers exceptional defense against everyday wear and tear. The plastic insert enhances its protective features, providing extra resistance against drops and falls.

Its customizable feature allows you to express your creativity while keeping your device safe and secure. With our easy-to-use design tool, personalize it with your photo or image to create a unique case that reflects your style and personality.

We utilize the complete 3D wrap sublimation process to produce vibrant and long-lasting prints on the case for a stunning visual impact. Choose between a sleek matte or glossy finish for select models.

Available for all Samsung Galaxy models.


  • Made from a durable polycarbonate material for enhanced durability and defense against drops and scratches
  • Features a 3D printed design on the case for a unique and personalized look
  • Includes a plastic insert for added protection against drops and falls
  • Personalize the case with any photo or image using the design tool
  • Available for all major Samsung Galaxy models, ensuring a perfect fit for your device
  • Choose between matte or gloss finish options for select models.

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