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Dive into the nostalgia of the '90s and make a fashion statement with our custom scrunchies! Perfect for those who love to add a fun and personalized touch to their everyday hairstyles. These vibrant and stretchy hair accessories are not just functional but can also be an extension of your personal style.

Available in a size of 4" length and width with an elastic length of 8", these scrunchies are designed to fit comfortably around any hair type or style, with a maximum stretch of up to 18". They're made from brushed jersey that is 96% polyester, ensuring durability, softness, and an appealing aesthetic.

One of the key features of our scrunchies is the use of white polyester thread T-45. This ensures a strong and sturdy build that will stand up to daily wear and tear. With the image placement on both the front and back, our custom scrunchies allow you to flaunt your unique style statement from every angle.

We use the Dye Sublimation print technique, which ensures vibrant and fade-resistant colors. So, whether you're dressing up for a day out or need to tie up your hair while working out, our custom hair scrunchies have you covered.

As for care instructions, these scrunchies are easy to maintain. Just hand wash and hang to dry. We recommend not to bleach, iron or dry clean these scrunchies to maintain their texture and color.

Our custom scrunchies are available in bulk, making them an excellent choice for events, team sports, or as personalized gifts. With these colorful, trendy, and functional accessories, it's easy to elevate any outfit or hairstyle! Embrace the retro trend and make a bold fashion statement with our custom scrunchies!

Looking for other ways to win her heart? Aside from scrunchies why not give her a photo pillow with all your fave pictures together. If that still doesn’t sound so cheesy, you can also try out customized couple shirt!


  • Sizing: Length 4", Width 4", Elastic Length 8.00", Maximum stretch of elastic 18.00"
  • Product composition: Brushed Jersey 96% Polyester 4%
  • Key features: 1/4 inch elastic, white polyester thread T-45
  • Image placement: Available on the front and back of the mask
  • Care instructions: Hand wash, hang dry, do not bleach, iron, or dry clean
  • Print technique: Dye sublimation for crisp, vibrant colors.

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