Gildan - Heavy Cotton™ Youth T-Shirt - 5000B

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Who says superheroes are the only ones who get to have cool, personalized gear? With our Gildan Heavy Cotton Youth T-Shirt, your kid can be just as epic! Our custom Gildan shirts let your little ones express their unique style, while offering unbeatable comfort that can withstand their wildest adventures.

This Gildan 5000B youth T-shirt is a trusty sidekick for kids of all ages, tailored to fit both boys and girls in a range of youth sizes. Spun from heavy cotton, it promises a soft, cozy fit that's perfect for everyday wear - whether they're off to school, hanging with friends, or saving the world in the backyard.

What's more, these Gildan custom T-shirts offer a canvas for creativity. For an additional $5 print fee per side, we can customize the front or back with a name, a special message, or their favorite quote. It's the perfect way to make birthday parties, team events, or family reunions extra special.

Add a fanny pack and a cute customized sweatshirt, and that's how you create a fashionista!

Take the leap! Grab these Gildan shirts custom-made to celebrate your kid's personality. Because with our custom T-shirts Gildan style, every day is a new opportunity to let their individuality shine. Let them conquer the world, one awesome T-shirt at a time. After all, even superheroes need their signature style!


  • Unisex youth sizes: The Gildan 5000B youth T-shirt is available in sizes suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Heavy cotton: Made from high-quality heavy cotton fabric, this T-shirt is durable and offers a comfortable fit.
  • Classic fit: The T-shirt features a classic fit design that is timeless and suitable for everyday wear.
  • Can be customized front or back ($5 print fee per side)
  • Perfect gift option

Size Variants:

  • XS, S, M, L, XL

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