Toddler Long Sleeve Fine Jersey Tee - 3302

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Color: Navy Blue
Size: 5/6T
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Step aside grown-ups, there's a new fashion guru in town! The Toddler Long Sleeve Fine Jersey Tee - 3302 is here to sprinkle a dash of fun and a whole lot of cuteness into your toddler's wardrobe!

This long sleeve shirt for toddlers is all about comfort and style, making it the perfect canvas for your kiddo's budding fashion sense. Made from a cozy cotton/polyester blend and featuring ribbed cuffs and a comfy crewneck, it's the ideal companion for playground adventures and nap-time dreams alike.

But the real magic lies in its customizable nature. Whether your little one is a dinosaur enthusiast, a fairy princess in training, or a pint-sized superhero, the $5 print fee per side lets you add their favorite images or text on the front or back. It's not just a toddler long sleeve shirt, it's a wearable expression of their personality!

Available in a rainbow of colors and unisex toddler sizes, these shirts are perfect for any occasion - from playdates and birthday parties to family photoshoots. And if you're in need of more than one (because let's face it, toddlers are messy), our bulk order discounts have got your back.

Running a business for kids apparel? The Bella + Canvas - Youth Unisex Jersey Tee and Kids Fine Jersey Tee will keep your selection unique and stylish!

So, why wait to let your little one shine? The Toddler Long Sleeve Fine Jersey Tee - 3302 is ready to be the superstar of their wardrobe. After all, big style often comes in small packages!


  • Available in unisex toddler sizes and a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect fit and style.
  • Customize the shirt with prints on the front or back for a $5 fee per side, adding a personal touch.
  • Ribbed cuffs and a ribbed crewneck ensure a comfortable and secure fit for active toddlers.
  • Made from a cotton/polyester blend, this tee offers a balance of softness and durability. 

Size Variants:

  • 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6T

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