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Ready to break away from the boring brown bag lunch routine? Our customizable insulated lunch bags are here to jazz up your meal times and make every lunch an event to look forward to!

With dimensions of 25x19x8cm (or 9.84"x7.48"x3.15" for the imperially inclined), there's plenty of room to pack a nutritious feast or just a quick bite and some snacks. Whatever tickles your palate, our bag is up to the task!

Crafted from sturdy polyester, EVA, and cotton, this lunch bag not only looks fabulous with your favorite design on the front but is also a practical powerhouse. Thanks to its insulated interior, it’s like having a mini-fridge (or a tiny oven) by your side. Your salads stay crisp, your yogurts cool, and your pasta hot.

Concerned about keeping your beverage close? We’ve got you covered with an extra side pocket to snugly fit your small water bottles or juice boxes. Zipping everything up securely is a breeze with the double zippers ensuring no unfortunate lunchtime mishaps.

Carry it by hand or sling it over your shoulder using the adjustable strap - this insulated lunch bag is all about convenience!

Perfect for school kids who want to flaunt their unique style or office-goers who like to eat healthily. Great for picnics, road trips, or even as an unconventional handbag. Who said fashion couldn't be functional?

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Make lunchtime the best part of your day with our insulated lunch bags. Bag your lunch in style!


  • Customizable design
  • Keep small water bottles easily accessible in the convenient side pocket
  • The lunch bag features an insulated interior to keep your food at the desired temperature.
  • Made from a combination of polyester, EVA, and cotton, this lunch bag is built to last and is suitable for everyday use. 
  • The zipper closure provides secure storage for your food.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Size Variants:

  • 9.84"x7.48"x3.15"

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