Custom Airpod Case

Custom Airpod Cases - Exclusively from Qstomize

 Please note these are custom airpod cases - NOT airpod skins.  These are sturdy and made from silicone and go around your battery AirPods case - not cheap transparent plastic.  

Our premium custom airpods case is available for Airpods releases: 1st generation, 2nd generation, and the new Airpod Pro.  

Airpods often come in white which makes them gather filth and dust very easily.  Considering Airpods often travel with their owner, and get thrown in bags and drawers, practically makes them a dirt magnet.

With Qstomize custom Airpod cases the Airpod stays like brand new condition throughout the life of the Airpod.  Meant to look great, keep Airpods secure, and keep the custom image looking new - these custom Airpod cases are some of the best Airpod cases anywhere.  

Every Custom Airpod Case allows you to charge the battery case without removing the silicone case so you can keep it on as long as you want


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