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The little things go a long way—and that’s especially true when it comes to employee swag. After all, it’s a great way to make your team members feel like they’re a valued member of your organization, while giving them the tools to show off just how much they love working for you, too. Consider adding employee swag to your onboarding materials, holiday gifts, and appreciation days to positively impact your company culture and maintain your brand’s reputation as a happy, healthy place to work.


Keep reading to learn why employees love company-branded swag.


It’s Functional


Simply put, employee swag is a great way to gift your team with items they’ll actually use and make their jobs easier along the way. After all, 80% of company-branded swag is used for more than a year! Whether you’re gifting laptop sleeves, apparel, or office decorations, your employees will appreciate this meaningful effort to set them up for success. Before you order your employee swag, consider sending out a short survey to your team to find out what sort of items they may be most apt to use to make the most out of your company-branded swag bag.


It Makes Them Feel Like Part of the Team

Employee swag is also a great way to make your employees feel like they’re part of the team. While it should never be required to wear company branded apparel, having a ‘team-pride’ day is a great way to build camaraderie amongst your internal teams and make them feel special and valued. In remote settings, connecting virtually can be a big adjustment. Help unify them and celebrate special achievements (like the completion of a milestone project) by gifting them unique custom products, like a t-shirt or mousepad.


It Shows How Much You Care


Company-branded swag can also show your employees just how much you care and value them as a special member of your organization. Whether you're gifting for the holidays, a company anniversary, or just because, be thoughtful with the custom products you order. It doesn’t have to be expensive; doing something small is still a great way to improve employee morale and show your team members that they are a vital part of your business. After all, doing so will engage your employees with your product, company, and values, and likely increase their productivity and quality of work along the way.


It Gives Bragging Rights

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Gifting employee swag can also help your employees share your company culture and increase employee loyalty and brand recognition along the way. When someone has a favorite football team, they wear their favorite team logo to celebrate and show off just how much they love their team. It’s the same idea with your business logo and it helps your customer-centric marketing efforts along the way, when everyday prospects see that really cool embroidered hat or tote bag on your awesome employees. Help your employees say it loud, and say it proud with unique custom items that will work for the office or for the everyday, too.

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