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Everybody's obsessed with sequin pillows nowadays. They have become a latest trend and everybody is using them, to enhance the enhance the interior of the house and to keep the kids busy in playing with them. Sequin pillows are actually cushions, with their covers made of sequin material. Sequin pillows are glittery and complement with every design theme. They were in trend for a long time, but people became obsessed with them ever since the reverse sequins pillows,  sequin magic flip pillows, sequin mermaid pillows and sequin color changing pillows came in the market.

Sequin pillows and mermaid pillows come in every size, shape and color. People usually choose sequin color changing pillows or reverse sequin pillows to change the outlook of their homes. Sequin pillows make a budget-friendly accessories, to decorate the house. They are available in one-toned and two-toned. People usually buy two-toned sequin pillows as reversing them changes the whole color effect of the sofa or a couch.

Not only do the mermaid pillows add vibrancy to the sofa, couch or a bed, but also provides utmost comfort. The sequin pillows are now used by every household, to provide a comfort to the guests and to complement the theme of the house.sequin pillows

Sequin color changing pillows make a perfect present or a birthday gift. The mermaid pillow makes an ideal gift for the kids. The kids and the adults, both love to receive the sequin pillows. They can play and be creative with them, whenever  boredom propel over them or they can use it to sleep comfortably on the couch.

Deciding and finalizing the present or a birthday gift for your loved ones is hard. You are always dubious about their choices and end up getting more confused. I've seen many startled people in the gift aisle of a supermarket. If you want to buy a present for your close friend or a family member in a cost-effective way, sequin pillows make an ideal gift for a person of any age. Here, is why sequin pillows make a perfect birthday gift:


The various  colors of sequin pillows and magic flip pillows are what makes them unique and trendy. Sequin pillows can be customized in to any color. If you are considering to gift something related to the color or the birthday theme, sequin pillows are the best option to go with.

They can be customized into any color and shape. Magic flip pillows and mermaid pillows come in single-toned and double-toned. Sequin pillows would make a vibrant gift. Sequin pillows are not only appealing to the eyes, but are also comfortable. They might come in handy,  when they need to relax on the sofa, after a long tiring day.

Magic flip pillows can reverse their colors by stroking them softly. This feature will make them a perfect gift for the kids too. They would never get bored by the reverse sequin pillows. Moreover, the sequin pillows are long-lasting because of the structure and material durability. Mermaid pillows are not only the best gift for the kids but for the adults as well. Women tend to love trendy accessories.


Comfort is the first thing that we look for, after coming home. Most people prioritize comfort over everything. Sequin pillows make a perfect comfy birthday present. Not only are they relaxing, but are also stuffed with the softest material. Sequin pillows can come in  handy, while sleeping and relaxing on the sofa.

The utmost comfort that they will get from the color changing pillow would remind them of you. They would literally thank you for giving such a squishy and a soft gift. At the same time, mermaid pillows have a calming effect. Stroking the sequin pillow softly, and then watching it change the color will relax their minds. According to a survey, people like sequin color changing pillows because stroking them  is soothing.


We make sure to make the most special arrangements, on the birthday of our significant other. Sequin pillow is the perfect accessory to express your love and to convey the message of love to your fiancé or the significant other. Magic flip pillows can be customized to convey a hidden love message. For instance, they can read the love message as soon as they flip the sequins altogether.

It is a perfect way to propose someone on the birth day. You can customize the magic flip pillow in their favorite color and ask them to spend the rest of the life with them, through the love message hidden behind the sequins.


Kids love to play and be creative all day. They always want new toys to play with. They expect a lot of toys on their birthdays. You can go out of the usual and gift them a mermaid pillow, instead. Kids love mermaid pillows. They love to play with them and never get bored of them. Kids are very creative with the mermaid pillows. They draw different figures on the mermaid pillows, by reversing the sequins.

They would not get bored of them ever as creativity has no end. Moreover, the sequin pillows are soft, long-lasting and durable. They won't tear apart even if they handle it roughly. Make sure to buy a sequin pillow of the kid's favorite color.


Most of the household keep the sequin pillows to enhance the interior of the homes. Sequin pillows can go with every house theme. Whether, the house has a vintage theme or a two-toned theme, sequin pillows always enhance the furniture's features.

Sequin pillows can be a perfect addition to anybody's home decor. You can gift them a set of sequin pillows to decorate their drawing room. Sequin pillows will not only enhance the room features, but will also provide comfort to them.

WHERE TO BUY THE BEST CUSTOMIZED SEQUIN PILLOWS? has the best variety of sequin pillows. They have a wide range of colors to choose from, with a lot of customizable options. They have single-toned and double-toned sequin pillows. They deal in magic flip pillows, mermaid pillows and color changing pillows. Their sequins pillows are top-notch, soft and durable. They offer various customizable options, such as the two-toned sequin pillows and the hidden love note sequin pillow. Moreover, their prices are very fair, even if you buy them in sets.


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