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Material: Coral Fleece
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🛌 Dreamland just got cozier with our super-soft custom body pillows! As snug as a teddy bear and as personal as a heartfelt hug, these cuddle-buddies are ready to redefine your relaxation.

Available in two irresistible options - the soothing coral fleece for the fluff lovers, or the lightweight polyester for a smooth touch. Each body pillow custom creation measures 20" wide by 54" tall - the perfect size for a comforting embrace or to add a personal touch to your room decor.

But the magic lies in customization! Transform your custom body pillows into sentimental keepsakes or humorous gifts. Print your sweetheart's photo, your pet's candid moment, or your favorite anime character on both sides. With our body pillows, bedtime will never be boring again!

Each pillow comes pre-stuffed, weighing approximately 5 lbs, and ready for hugging or gifting. Whether it's for your partner, a dorm-dwelling kid, or even a treat for yourself, our custom body pillows are the perfect companion for everyone and on any occasion.

Doze off in the arms of your loved ones or enjoy a comfortable movie night. Our pillows promise carefree maintenance with machine wash capabilities. So, it's time to say goodbye to restless nights. Get ready to cuddle up with memories, as our custom body pillows turn sweet dreams into reality!

Getting cozy is a different level of being comfy! Love this body pillow? Sure you'll love our Photo Blankets and Photo Pillows Collections even more!


  • Super-soft material: Choose from a smooth polyester or fluffy coral fleece for a custom body pillow that's both comfortable and stylish.
  • Ready for use: Our custom body pillows come pre-stuffed with an insert, so you can start snuggling right away.
  • Double-sided printing: With the ability to design both sides of the pillow with any image, our custom body pillows allow for maximum personalization.
  • Large size: Measuring 54" x 20", our custom body pillows provide plenty of space for your favorite images or designs.
  • Quality materials: Made from high-quality materials and weighing approximately 5 lbs, our custom body pillows are both durable and long-lasting.

Material Variants:

  • Coral Fleece
  • Polyester

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